The Currency of Attention

I woke up from an intense dream, and spent the rest of my morning in bed, trying to find a balance of awareness and meditative stillness in a lying down posture, perched between worlds. It is very difficult, try it some time.


It requires an incredible amount of mental concentration and attention.


How much attention do you pay when watching a gripping movie, do you get absorbed into the story, become it, and learn through the characters? These stories become impressed upon our mind and continue their cycle of energy reproduction throughout the world.


Much has been talked about the power of intention, but too little has been given to the power of Attention.


What happens when we pay attention to something?


There is a field focusing affect. It has been shown and proven now that the mere observation of a phenomenon changes in itself, which throws the traditional scientific method for a bit of a loop now doesn’t it? So much for empiric objectivity. The very act of witnessing changes the nature of the phenomenon.


You are in your room, singing your head off, an all of a sudden, you catch a glimpse of someone listening to you, paying attention. You immediately shut down, or maybe get louder, or maybe the change is more subtle, either way you shift in your behaviour, just the mere knowledge of attention changes this


You are walking on a street, you are a pretty woman, and you feel eyes on your back. How do is this possible? Because of the focused field of attention.


Now, we have technology to measure and give metrics to attention. The whole web is set up with analytics technology to measure the type of attention we give towards any video, song, web page, product or service, exactly how much time we spent there, what browser we were coming from, whether we signed up, bought a product etc etc.


The level of attention, and our actions based upon our attention is the currency of the Internet.


YouTube videos measure how many views it gets, which show how many people tuned in with their awareness, and downloaded that curated though form into their psyche, thus creating a meme. The more people that tune in and give their attention, the more impressed it becomes upon the collective consciousness of man.


So, where attention goes, energy flows.


People complain today about politicians, taxes, old paradigm media and a whole slew of issues in the world.


The facts are, they are still giving their attention, and thus their energy towards them.
They still tune into BBC and CNN even though they complain, they still vote politicians in and listen to their garbage and support the game that is politics, they still pay taxes, and allow their money to go directly towards war and military spending.


They still watch an incredible amount of TV, and allow profiteering corporations to program their mind with utter nonsense, draining their ability to critically think for themselves and create a new vision of reality.


So, how do we understand this amazing power that lies in our hands, which is we used with consciousness and awareness, could be the single tide that cause the birth of a new reality. The power of Attention, coupled with the power of Intention.


One amazing thing is that attention towards an intention creates time. If you have the intention to leave to another country on a specific date, you create a marker within the field. Then all of your attention goes towards that date. And the rest of your time in between that date is relative to the date itself.


Now if you know you only have 2 weeks in your town before you leave, the entire nature of that 2 weeks will change. The attention you give to people, events and things will be completely relative to that specific date in ‘time’


Many great spiritual masters and teachers have taught that attention, concentration is a critical part of spiritual growth and development. If we can train our minds to be one pointed, end exercise them with full concentration upon anything, them our ability to turn that concentration inwards will accelerate our spiritual development rapidly.


Extended attention upon a point is concentration. It creates a stronger and strong resonance in the field between the mind and the object, which starts tuning out other frequencies and vibrations, and crystallizing that thought form or idea. Great geniuses, artists, and masters and even businessmen that produce great pieces of work or companies have had this attention, this unwavering ability to manifest.


This is not the power of intention, but attention. You set the intention, but it is the continued attention that allows the intention to manifest itself. It is not enough to just to have an intention and think the universe will magically arrange it all for you. Yes, the universe responds to our intentions and thoughts, but much more so when we put concentrated attention upon them.


This is also the power behind collective meditation


When hundreds, thousands, or millions of people come together, set an intention and place their aware and conscious attention on a feeling, or a specific idea, it magnifies it within the field, and causes it to become a large part f the collective consciousness. It means that anyone in that area can easily tap into that field of awareness being generated, and participate without even knowing it!


In experiments with TM, transcendental meditation, they proved that through collective meditation, crime rates in cities would dramatically drop! Just by affecting the collective consciousness of man through intention and attention.


The next book should be written as the Super Secret, the power of Attention.


The Secret is really only one part of the secret, it is missing a critical component to it.


We can look at great personalities throughout history and show that it was their attention, significantly more than their intention, that allowed them to become the huge successes they were.


Michael Jackson, Alexander the Conqueror, Julius Ceasar, MLK


Each of these figures out in a tremendous amount of time and attention to become the leaders of their generation. Every successful artists, performer and musician has become successful due to the nature and quality of their attention, coupled with their innate gifts.


So the first thing to understand is, what are our innate gifts. What are we good at, great at?


Want brings us the most joy and happiness?


What makes us feel the best once we do each day?


What type of world would we like to see around us?


What actions do I need to do every day to see that manifest within myself?


Once we understand these things, we begin having a window to see where we should place our attention. The world takes a grip of or minds at such a young age, and propels us along the rat race and it’s own ideas of who we are and why we are here, that we rarely get the opportunity to truly reflect on it, and change or cost.


It becomes too costly to change our course. We live month to month we say, we have no support we say, we have a thousands reasons and excuses for not taking life into our own hands, and shifting our whole operating system and way of approaching the world.


This takes considerable will power and attention to do, but the fruits of doing so are great.


Another important factor in Attention are our Values.


Our Values are those amorphous containers of information which govern how we act in the world. Whether we value sustainability or thrift will determine where we ship for groceries, whether we value profit or happiness will determine how we set up our office workplace, whether we value ruthlessness or honesty will determine how we treat our employees. Etc etc.


Each human being has a matrix of values which governs his/her actions in the world, towards other people, towards their purchasing decisions, towards their government and every other facet of their lives.


However, most of us are only subconsciously aware of what those values are, and thus we are easily manipulated by those who would seek to use our values towards their own ends and purposes. Politicians as the most notorious towards this end, as they survey and get estimates and ideas of what is important to people, use this information to get elected, and once they are elected, usually do little to tackle the specific issue.


When WE become truly aware of our own System of values, and can place our attention only towards people, businesses, organizations that support our conscious and chosen values system, and then can do this with others, we will have reached the next stage of our human evolution.


Then we will discard marketing all together, we won’t need clever subliminal programming messages inserted into our brains through media to tell us what we need and don’t need.


Our values and our conscious choosing will dictate that.