My soul has come to the end the road

My soul has come to the end the road, my friend
I've been worn and beaten by the winds of time
The pristine sculpture of my identity, crafted with so much care..
Smashed upon the rocks
And reformed anew!
And broken again
In an endless cycle.. At last, i see that the master sculptor
Was 'Me' all along
Yet, I still have these hands.. gifted tools to serve
And these feet, which have many miles yet to walk

Fear.. i feel it's metallic taste in my mouth
Screaming at me to walk back.. to go back to the village
Resume my job as a sculptor, settle back into society
Yet there is nothing left for this real 'Me' there

I am still at this threshold, camped at the entrance
For once i enter, there is no going back
As i sit, trapped in the dualistic mullings of my mind
A guide appears, as if summoned by a mysterious force!

Her face, radiant and glowing
Her eyes shine like a thousands suns
Disappearing into the emptiness of a black hole
and emerging again as one stream of light
Spiraling around an unseen centre
She is peace.. stillness..grace and beauty "Only you may cross this threshold", she tells me
"Yet if you come, i will guide you"
"To where?" i ask
"To No-Where", she replies
"What can i take with me", i ask
"No Thing" she replies
I look back at the road... then i turn to her once more and ask
"What is your price?"
"Your Final Sculpture" she says

I take it out of my bag.. it's the finest work i have ever produced!
Millions of years of forming and reforming..
I am not ready to part with it.. Attachment Arises

As soon as i feel this, i look up, and she is gone.. And i begin my journey back to the village

Once day, i will return again
when my workshop is dismantled
And i am ready to part with my masterpiece
Until then, i will remember her face
Her shining eyes, looking at me
With a love that knows no boundaries..
And an outstretched hand, ready to guide me into the unknown

One day, i will return again
To the end of the road,

Take her hand.. Drop my bag... And Never



~ Raamayan

‘The Beloved’ Upcoming Poetry Book