Mothers day reflection, meditation and prayer.

Sunday Mornings for me are a time for reflection and meditation..

Flipped open the Gene Keys to the 49th Siddhi of rebirth which explains how we need to create a new society that transcends the programming of fear and self-interest at its roots.. My upcoming web series and book about the ‘Spiritual Foundations Of The Blockchain Movement’ and the rebuilding of the commons speaks to this; how our spiritual realization can only be unfolded into the world as new systems are born created to reflect them..

This, the dharma of the Divine Mother, the womb of creation of both physical life and new systems that give rise to support life.

Our current systems were build from a masculine-fear based view on reality which sought to dominate and subjugate nature.

Only the wisdom of the mother, the para-shakti, the Yin receptive view can have a big enough heart and view to encompass the whole. To take care and steward all life as if it were one, as if every child was the same child and every life was as precious and valuable.

I pray that this Mother’s Day and all mothers days harken back to their origins, where mothers came together as a force of light to dispel the shadows of war. Mothers, women, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, help show us the way.. help guide us to a world where compassion is not an attitude but the very fabric of society itself..