Who Am E?

Who am E?

Who am I?

All spiritual paths should lead us to the same

goal, awareness of who we truly are,

Self­ awareness

Thus the great yogis throughout the ages have

focused down the dialogue of vedantic inquiry to

one great question… Who am I?

I am going to propose that we start at a different


Who am E?

Who is E? You will find out soon enough.

When someone asks you where YOU are from,

what do you say? What is your ethnicity, what is

YOUR job, what is your religion?

We promptly answer all of these questions with

ease, and the person across from us beings to

‘understand’ us, or rather, put us in a box of


We have been trained to think that our identies

simply comprise of the circumstances of our birth

and life path.

This is the story of E, not the story of I.

The story of E is everything that you have

Edentified with in this life. Your likes, dislikes,

religious beliefs, foods, friends. All of these

things make up the identity of E, and we walk

around with E like it is self, and go on asking

these same questions to others.

So who is E?

If you have not guessed right now, E is the Ego.

What is the Ego? In the Vedas, it is called

Antakarana, it is actually a sheath, a boundary

layer connected to our immune system which

creates the idea that WE are the body when we

incarnate here.

It is a particularity of these matrix, which is

dense, that most of us perceive creation to be

separate from us. We separate and analyse and

label everything around us using this brain, and

fragmented language system, thereby missing

the underlying unity of all of creation.

Then of course, since we are distinct beings in

our perception, WE are the doers, WE are the

perceivers, we create the artificial notion of self

called the ego.

The ego serves a powerful purpose in the world,

yet it is dangerous because it separates us from

our true nature as divine.

So, the question here, is how do we begin to

understand the nature of self, and the nature of


Well, the beginning of this entry was a proposal.

You start to refer to 2 things. E and I

If something from your ego is coming up for you,

it will give you an easy way to not label it as self,

or something ‘wrong’ with ‘you’­ because we are

creating a new language structure In which I is

the true self, and E is the ego created shell

comprising of the collection of experiences of

this particular life.

I am eternal

I am conscious

I am blissful

I am one with creation

Did you know that you reincarnate approximately

9 times every life? If you live till your 80, every

single cell in your body will refresh 9 times. You

go from a baby to an old granny, yet YOU are

still YOU. Your body has completely changed,

every cell has refreshed 9 times, yet your

awareness is still of you.

This in itself shows how we are not the body, the

body is simply a vehicle for this particular

dimension of reality that we are exploring, each

of us with different reasons to be here and

lengths of time here.

Now more than ever, each one of us needs to

seriously and playfully meditate upon the eternal

question, who am I?

We will create a map for you called the identity

matrix map, show you how to break out of being

placed inside of the small self identity, create a

new set of parameters on which to exchange

energy, truth and love with other beings

recognizing their true nature rather than their

egoic self.

The Indians had this pioneered with their

Namaste Culture, bowing to the divinity in the

other, but now this has too become lost, and the

meaning in India has withered.

If you are one if the people who travels and gets

sick of everyone asking where you are from then

putting you in a tiny box of perception, this blog

is for you

If you are ready to transcend the limited

boundries of identity that came packaged with

you from birth, this blog is for you.


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