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The Spiritual Seed Behind The Rise Of Polyamory & Shifting Relationship Constructs:

The Spiritual Seed Behind The Rise Of Polyamory & Shifting Relationship Constructs:   We all know the debate   Which is better, monogamy or polygamy or polyamoury?   There have been endless debates and discussions around this, some saying it stems from wounding, some saying we are breaking the patriarchy, some saying it is about […]

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The Currency Of Appreciation

I previously wrote about the power of attention…. Now We will get more specific… Attention is a general field.. We will speak about appreciation. I am sitting at the world conference for quantum medicine, I was sitting down for lunch and the organizer of the whole event comes and sits down next to me.. And […]

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The Currency Of Attention

I woke up from an intense dream this morning, and spent the rest of my morning in bed, trying to find of awareness and meditative stillness in a lying down posture, in between worlds. It is very difficult, try it some time.   It requires an incredible amount of mental concentration and attention.   How […]

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The Nature Of Distributed Intelligence

How is intelligence distributed throughout the universe, from that which appears to be inert matter, to forms of life. What are the architectural basis of reality, and how do we play into them? Much of human confusion about god and existence comes from the see,of contradiction between what is ‘living’ and what is ‘not living’ […]

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Who Am E?

Who am E? Who am I? All spiritual paths should lead us to the same goal, awareness of who we truly are, Self­awareness Thus the great yogis throughout the ages have focused down the dialogue of vedantic inquiry to one great question… Who am I? I am going to propose that we start at a […]

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