The Truth About The Mystery

His fans loved him with an unparalleled devotion. The media loved to hate and judge him.

He was the biggest icon the world has ever had, with 2.5 bilion people tuning into his funeral, yet he is shrouded in mystery.. why was he so loved?

What was it about Michael Jackson that transcended all nations, barriers and united people?

Everyone except his fans judged & ridiculed him, called him a freak and monster…But who
REALLY was The Man Behind The Mirror?

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In This Book, We Will Explore

  • The Secrets of Empathy.

    How Michael Jackson was able to feel emotion way past the ordinary human..

  • Michael Jackson And The American Dream

    How Michael Jackson lived and died this dream, and how we can wake up from it

  • The Shamanic Origins Of His Dance

    Ever wonder why thousands would faint every concert? Discover the secrets

  • Discover Hidden Meaning Of His Poetry

    In his most intimate writing, he shares his deepest realizations which will shock you!

  • New Findings Finally Revealed

    Accusations overturned with new evidence presented, learn the truth behind the media scandals and see for yourself how Michael was treated...

Heroes Journey

Ronald Raegen shook Michael jacksons hand and said “Son, you are the American Dream”... and he was, in all its glory of fame and wealth, and all its chalenges. We trace Michael’s Heroes Journey; his meteoric rise to fame and stardom, and theforces that conspired to tear him down and break his spirit.

You will be surprised and inspired at the resiliancy and power of Michael and what we all have to learn from his journey!

Heroes Journey

In Man Behind The Mirror, we expose the real agenda of the mainstream media and how they stimulatd the global negativity about Michael jackson, and show the truth about many of the lies..We examine the court cases brought against him and show they were part of an intricate strategy to defame the worlds most loved icon, and why? Why was Michael Jackson so powerful that the elite wanted to take him down? Know The Truth

Michael’s Mystical Secrets Revealed

Did you know there were hidden meanings behind his dance moves, in his songs, and in his performances?We study Michael Jacksons concerts, dance and music and show how they derive from mystical traditions such as Shamanism and Sufism, and for the first time, go behind the mirror into how he created such a powerful transformational experience for his fans.

Discover His Hidden Inner Message

Michael Jackson had a collection of his own personal work that most of the world has yet to see.. in it, he reveals who he truly is. For the first time, we will hear his OWN writing on his relationship with children and the inner child, his wisdom and understanding of spirituality, and his beautiful connection with Mother Earth.


Michael Jackson’s fans were devoted to him with a love that is pure and authentic; who stood by him through all of his trials when the world and even his friends abandoned him. We share insight into this special relationship & how his fans were right to stand by him.We will honestly look at the burden his fans carried worldwide by holding MIchael’s innocence in their hearts amidst the villification of the media, and how it speaks to defending the inner child within all of us.

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Behind the mirror

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Michael Jackson’s Impact

Real Stories from His True Fans & Friends

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