The Whole Is More Than the Sum Of its Parts

Identity is fluid like the river; I wear many clothes and hats in this magical dance of life, yet underneath them all, what I stand for is Love, peace, truth, devotion, harmony, joy, bliss, expansion and wholeness. Whether delivering a performance through music, or writing a poem, or creating an app, I serve a vision that embodies these values.

I am here to architect new systems

from a place of integrated consciousness that will shift the framework of our world.

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I am a poet, in a love affair with Creation

I am a musician

that knows the source of my creativity

My Music
I am an entrepreneur creating businesses to support the movement
My Projects

I am a Yogi

Devoting his energy to uniting with the divine

My Teachers

I am a rebel,

defying artificial constructs
to repattern reality

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Michael Jackson

Man Behind The Mirror

I Am A Writer That Sheds
Light On The Shadows

My Book
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